Valentina Gaffi

"Graphic design is a popular art, practical art, an applied art, an ancient art. In a nutshell, is the art of visualizing ideas."

Jessica Helfand

Art director & graphic designer

My job is the obvious consequence of a great passion and curiosity for any form of visual communication that, combined with a strong artistic spirit, has made me experiment with various visual techniques, creating a background that is always present and visible in my projects.

Research & creativity

Each visual element has its own character: shapes, colors, dimensions, correspond to a message, a context, a precise emotion.
For this reason I always start a project with an in-depth research and analysis of the reality and fabric of belonging to the concept to be communicated.
Then, together with the customer, I understand the soul of the communicative message, to identify the most effective, immediate, expressive result.

Professional goals

Communicate and create always following my instincts and my style of constant attention to everything around me, experimenting with different creative nuances and deepening the new expressive logic of graphic design.


Art direction | Graphic design | Infographics
Creative direction | Typography
Logo design | Branding & identity
Visual communication | Corporate identity
Illustration | Web design | Visual arts
Advertising | Pubblishing | Creative strategy Concept development | Video editing Packaging | Vector illustration


Logo redesign
Corporate identity
Systems of visual identity
Manuals of visual identity
Below the line

Visual identity products
Brochures, catalogues, leaflets & flyers
Set-up of points of sale, exhibitors,
window stickers
Editorial projects & page layout

Advertising campaigns for press & posters
Visual communication for events
Photo editing
Banner social media
Web design


Write me, we’ll figure out how I can help you.

Valentina Gaffi

Art director & graphic
designer freelance